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A message from Bill Chadwick

The Story of
Time And Again Gallery

Hello, my name is Bill Chadwick. During the 1960s, I knew and worked with many of the top music acts of the era. Of these, my closest affiliation was with The Monkees.

Actually, I was among the last two finalists considered to be cast as a Monkee! From there, I started working with them.  I sang on their records, wrote some of their songs, toured with them as their lighting director in between designing clothes for acts like Sonny and Cher, Jimi Hendrix and Donovan. I was also one of the few photographers authorized by Raybert Productions to shoot The Monkees on the set, on the road and behind the scenes.  I always carried the camera given to me by Mike Nesmith, during one of the earliest Monkee recording sessions.

I am now making quality, archival 11x14 prints available for the first time. In addition to The Monkees, there are images of the Mamas and Papas, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley and many others captured by myself, or my friends who also took great pictures. I hope you will find something you like. 


My memories can become yours too, and they make great gifts for any music fan.

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